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Welcome back to the glory days of college life, with a few of the new comforts you probably didn’t have the first time around.

Chow Down

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Escape to the tropical confines and carefree camaraderie of our year-round summer barracks. Roll the top down on this cool, laid-back gathering spot with a warm wink at the past. Learn more about our mess hall magic and tiki bar by clicking “Learn More”.

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Grand Opening

From late night TV pioneer, Johnny Carson, to the man responsible for inventing your three-part TV dinner (practically an act of sainthood by any man’s standards), we’re excited to be joining the whole slew of people who hail from Nebraska or made their nest in our new neck of the woods, Lincoln. Click “Learn More” for additional information on our special opening offer.

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Around Here

Our warm, friendly and whip smart staff can guide you to and around Lincoln’s best, so that you feel like a local, at home again even if it’s your first time in town. Here’s where you’ll find the inside scoop on our favorite stops and spots in and around town. If you don’t find what you’re looking for on the map, stop by and we will steer you in the right direction.

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